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December 21st, 2010

05:34 am: Hello...
Just want to let people know that I'm still here. Just been busy doing other things.

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April 16th, 2009

05:51 pm: A couple of months ago...
I'd had started volunteering at the Drexel University Archives to help improve my future job prospects. Well, the fruits of the first project that I was involved in is now online, as an exhibit, which shows off some of the materials taken from the collection that I was working on, which was to create a finding aid for a collection on Drexel University's Men's Basketball Team. And yes, the exhibit was created by me, under the guidance of the University's Archivist. Anyway, here's the url for the exhibit: http://www.library.drexel.edu/archives/displays/exhibits/show/basketball . I hope that everyone enjoys.

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January 11th, 2009

04:18 pm: Somebody pinched me, cause I must be dreaming...
The Eagles have just knocked off the World Champions New York Giants in the Meadowlands, 23-11, to win the divisional playoff game!!! They now go to Phoenix to meet the Arizona Cardinals for the NFC Championship!!! I saw it, but I still can not believe it!!! I mean, Eli Manning throwing the ball sloppy and the Eagles' defense keeping the Giants' offense well away from the goal line!!! Oh my god, this is just amazing. Bring on the Cardinals!!!!

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December 28th, 2008

10:36 pm: I'd never expected this to happen at all...
I mean the Eagles being able to get into the playoffs, and doing it, after the Bears and the Bucs losing and then spanking the Cowboys as badly as they did, 44-6. I mean, damn, if anyone have told me when I went to bed that the Eagles would get help before the game started, and then make Romo and the 'boys, the team that everyone was expecting to win it all this year, look like a bunch of losers, I'd told them, what in the world were you smoking. But, they crushed the 'boys.
Congrats, guys, although I would be less then honest if I don't comment that I don't see the Eagles going the rest of the way. Sure, the defense is a lot better than it was at the start of the season, it's the offense and Andy Reid and his play calling that has me worried. Hey, Andy, repeat after me, balance offensive attack, balance offensive attack. Else, another off season with nothing to show for it.

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December 20th, 2008

12:04 am: Well, where have I'd been...
Well, I'd been blogging on my MLBlog, Phillies Red Pinstripes, and at the moment, including the articles that I have transferred from this journal, I have written over 300 articles there, which would includes articles on almost all of their regular season games, their playoff run which would lead to the Phillies winning their 2nd World Championship in the team's 126 years history. I saw, on television, the team's pennant clichings against the Washington Nationals (to win the NL East), against the Brew Crew (NLDS), against the Manny-led Dodgers (NLCS) and the young Rays (World Series) as well as seeing the parade up close and personal. And I'm a very happy camper over the Phillies' win. But, back to my blog. Last Friday, MLBlog.com put up a list of the top 100 professional and fans blog for the past year based on blog traffic, and my blog was among the top 100 fan blogs, being listed at #24 overall and being listed as the second highest Phillies fan blog. That chesire cat like grin that you might be seeing around you at this time might be me being a very happy camper. :)
Anyway, here, once again, is a link to my MLBlog: http://philliesredpinstripes.mlblogs.com/ so that you can all see for yourselves why my blog is one of the best fan blogs presently being run by MLBlog.
At the blog, I am presently doing a year-by-year look at the Phillies' team history, as well as having just started a new feature, to go along with the year-by-year one, on the most important people who use to either play, manage or own the Phils.
Anyway, I hope to post more often here, if I have something to say, that is.

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May 20th, 2008

06:56 pm: Not much new to say, other then...
I have gotten my two new glasses, and they're working out pretty well, thank you. I have been doing a lot of blogging at my new MLBlog Phillies Red Pinstripe - http://philliesredpinstripes.mlblogs.com/ - talking about the Phils' season since creating it last month, including uploading my baseball related LJ posts. So, anyone who wants to read what I am thinking about the Phils' this year, please go there. My brother and I have gotten a converter for the TV set so that we now won't have to worry about the TV set going dead when the switch from analog to digital occurs early next year. With the converter, we have gotten a lot of stations, more than we were expecting to see, including three run by the local ABC affiliate (6-1, 6-2 and 6-3), two by the local NBC affiliate (10-1, 10-2), three by the local PBS affiliate (12-1, 12-2, 12-3, although at times we seems to lose the signal with 12-3), two channel 17 stations (17-1, 17-2), five stations run by the local christian network (48-1, 48-2, 48-3, 48-4, 48-5, with the last being a kids station), four stations being run on what is call channel 61 (61-1, 61-2, 61-3, 61-4, including qubo (61-2)) and two stations for the local spanish language channel (65-1, 65-2), although at the moment we seems to have lost channel 23 (New Jersey Network) and 35 (have no idea why we have lost it. Probably because of the channel in ownership and programming). The picture quality for all of these stations is very good, a lot better than what we were getting with analog. Now, if they would just fix the glitch that keep appearing from time to time on most of those stations, where it appears that the picture would either freeze or break up because of the weakness of the signal from those stations. I am praying that that problem will be taken care of by next February's change over. Oh, and the biggest surprise? Seeing that channel 6-2, aka WPVI-SD, is showing episodes of the old western series Branded and The Guns of Will Sonnett, which my brother and I both saw last Friday night after the 11 o'clock news. I was especially shocked as I had no idea at the time that anyone was even showing either of these old sixties TV series.

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April 25th, 2008

01:34 am: Just created a Baseball rated blog yesterday...
Yesterday I created a new blog which I plan to use for my Phillies and Baseball related thoughts. The blog's name is Phillies Red Pinstripes, and I have already made a few postings there. I also plan to upload there copies of the baseball related posts that I have made here during the next several days. Anyway, if you want to see my new blog, here's the url: http://philliesredpinstripes.mlblogs.com/ .

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March 26th, 2008

01:33 pm: This is an interesting week...so far...
Eye Exam/Eyeglasses:

On Monday, I went to America's Best located downtown to get a new pair of glasses, including the free eye exam. Anyway, after filling out the form, I had the first pair of the exam done, which mainly had me looking at eye charts and having what I think was water squirted into both of my eyes through three different machines. After that part, I went back out and waited for the eye doctor to call me into his office. Well, it was only a few second before he called me in and asked me to sit in a chair for the second part of the exam. This part of the exam was to determine if my eyeglass prescription would need to be changed, and thus he had me reading some more charts. After the exam, he informed me that I would probably be needing bifocals the next time I have an eye exam (the last one I had, which was also performed at the same America's Best, was done about 1995/1996,), but not now, as at the present time I was on the borderline, and that would mainly be because of age. But, he also told me that I did not have glaucoma, which was a relief for me, consider how people of African descent, like me, are more likely to catch it. After that, he lead me to where the eyeglass frames were, so I could decide on which one I would want. It took me a while but I found one that I liked, and took the frames over to the person who I would be giving the money to for the two eyeglasses I would be receiving. Before that was accomplished, the person took a measurement of my eyes. She then placed the order, informing me that I should get them in about 5 to 10 business days and that they would call me. I then paid her, and after she gave me my change, I left.

Jury Duty:

A few weeks back I'd received a card telling me that I was being called in for jury duty, something I haven't done in a long time, since the last time I was called in was in about 1997/1998, and that case, which was a civil case, the group that I was a member of never got past the selection of a jury, which I was one of the members, before we were told, right at the door to the court room, that the parties have decided to settle and that we were no longer needed and we would be sent home. We were, of course, thanks for coming there while being informed that that sometimes happened.

Anyway, I went to bed early so that I would be able to get to 1301 Filbert Street where the jury room was placed before 8:15 am. So, my brother and I went to bed around 12:30 am. I slept until the alarm went off around 6:30. After putting away my pillows and sheet (we use a sofa bed), I got washed. After getting washed and dressed and putting on my sneakers, I set up my bag and fixed a tuna fish sandwich for lunch, then left the apartment around 7:20. After getting out of the building and walking through the building's parking lot, I walked over to Chestnut Street, so that I could catch the 21 bus into downtown.

The first 21 that I saw after getting to the stop drove past me, even though that there was still space in it. (Typical SEPTA driver.) So, I had to wait for the next 21 to arrive. A 64 bus and 3 411 buses later, another 21 arrived. I got on it, and took it down to 33rd and Chestnut Streets, where I got off. I then walked to the subway so that I could catch a trolley into downtown. A trolley shortly appeared and I got on it. The ride was short and quick and I got off at the Juniper/City Hall Station. After getting out, I went to 13th and Filbert Street.

Upon reaching 13th and Filbert I went into the building and then stood line with other people who were getting into the building. Upon reaching the metal detector, we were all told to place our stuff onto the conveyor belt, which in my case was my book bag, coat, keys, change, flash drive (the later three inside a metal container) and my belt (that's right belt. I'm guessing because of the belt buckle) before walking through the metal detector. After getting through it without setting it off, I retrieved my stuff and headed for the jury room. After handing over my card, I picked up a pencil and a couple of questionnaires to fill out, and found a seat. This was all done before 8 am. So, I sat down and waited, while reading a book.

Nothing happened until about 8:30, when a woman at a podium welcomed us and informed us that a jury pool would soon be sent out, which was a surprise to me, since they would normally show us a video tape welcoming us and asking us to answer the questions on the questionnaires. She then inform us that there was some food and drink that we can help ourselves to before we got called out. So, I went into that room, and got myself a pretzel and some orange juice. After going back to my seat, I ate and then filled out the form. Almost as soon as I'd finished filling out the form, the first jury pool, one that was to be for a criminal case, and to be made up of 60 people, was called.

After that first group of 60 has been called, and then sent on their way, a second pool was called. This one was also to be for a criminal case, but to be made up of 48 people. So, names were called, and as I listened, I'd heard my name called. After acknowledging that it was me, I wrote down my number, which was 28, picked up my stuff, got up and got into line. After the 48th potential juror was called and got into line, we were all told that we were going to go to Room 305 and then to 805, and that our Judge was to be Judge Robinson. After that was done, we left the room. After crossing the corridor, we took an escalator to the 2nd floor, then after crossing that floor, after going through a door took the stairs to the third floor. After reaching the third floor, we went to Room 305, where the first jury pool has also been placed. We were soon told that the reason for this was that they'd expected there to be over 300 people that day and the normal jury room (Room 101), wasn't big enough for that many people. Anyway, they then showed up the tape. After the tape, we waited to be sent up to Room 805. And waited, and waited, and waited. At about 10:20, the first jury pool was called for and they left the room.

About 10 minutes later we were told that they were going to allow us to take a 20 minutes break. So, after leaving my stuff in the room, I went downstairs, intending to get another pretzel and something to drink. Well, when I got to the main jury room, all of the pretzels were gone, so I'd decided to just get some coffee. After getting a cup of coffee, I went back upstairs to Room 305, and sat back down, drinking the coffee while still waiting, along with the others, to go up to Room 805. As it got to about 11 am, we were told to go back down to Room 101. This caught us all by surprised, and started off some speculation about why we were being sent back down. I myself said that some sort of deal must've been struck, as it reminded me of the last time I was called for jury duty, which ended up with me and 13 other people being sent home after the parties involved in the case have made a deal. So everybody went back to Room 101, all wondering what was going on. Well, when we came down, we saw that the room was still filled with people. At the time no one thought it was weird, but not too long after we had sat down, a group was called to form a line, except that this group wasn't called by individual names. This should've been my first clue that were weren't the only ones who had never gotten to the screening process, as not too long after that group was called in, a second group was called up. All the while, our group were all speculating whether we would be sent home. Well, that all stopped when we were all called and told that we were going back to Room 305. You should've the air go out of everyone when we thought we were going back to the room. Anyway, after getting into line again, grumbling as we did so, we were walked back to the up escalator. But, when we reached the second floor, we were walked to another room, and then each took a seat. Once we were seated, we were told that we were being let go, and that they had our jury duty check. Our names were then called. After hearing mines, I got up, walked over to the bailiff and got my check, and then went to the men room. After using the men room, I went downstairs and then went out of the building, so that I could deposit the check. That was about 11:45-11:46 am.

I still have no idea what happen, but I have the gut feeling that a plea bargain was made at some point before 11 am between the state and whoever was the defendant. Remember, this is just speculation on my part since I have no clue what happened, but its the most likely explanation. Guess I'll know by the time the local news come on if it's a very important case.

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March 11th, 2008

05:43 pm: Oh, yeah...
If anyone wants to see the blog themselves, here's the url: http://sharpshooters.blogspot.com/
By the way, Wyatt, the blog's owner, is a Philly cop. Tell him I sent you. ;)

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05:39 pm: What Kind of Handgun Am I?
I'd just took this test which I'd found via a local blogger, Support Your Local Gunfighter. And according to the test, What Kind of Handgun Are You? I'm a:

I am a: Glock Model 22 in 40 cal
Firearms Training
What kind of handgun are YOU?

Glock Model 22 in 40 cal. Interesting.

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